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Bridgercare is participating in #GivingTuesday for the first time this year! Giving Tuesday is a social movement to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes #GivingTuesday! Please watch the video to learn more! Here’s what your gift can do:

$5-15 provides a low-income, uninsured woman with a month of hormonal birth control options, so she can finish school or college, or space her children without worrying about unplanned pregancies

$20 pays for an appointment with a Certified Application Counselor helping a low income individual/family apply for healthcare through the marketplace of the ACA

$30 provides a mental health counseling appointment to a person in need

$36 pays for one person’s rapid HIV testing, results and counseling

$40 will supply one of our strategically placed condom bowls in the community giving everyone access to protection from STIs

$50 will teach a healthy relationship presentation in the community focused on building relationships based on respect, consent and support

$52 will provide a woman with a cervical cancer screening, giving her peace of mind and/or treatment options counseling

$150 facilitates a 3 hour “Growing up workshop” for 12 people (six pairs of parent/guardian and teenager), helping to start the important dialogue about puberty, growing up, emotional and physical changes and challenges, and healthy relationships between parents and kids

$1,000 will allow our group of 14 peer educators to participate in an annual retreat that provides important training, education and team building, so our peer educators can continue to provide their important volunteer services, educating their peers on sexual healthcare and healthy relationships in Southwest Montana schools

If you want to make a gift, just click on the donate button on the right sidebar!

Check out how we’re celebrating #GivingTuesday on our Facebook page! Learn more about the movement here: #GivingTuesday


Bridgercare is offering COLPOSCOPIES !

Bridgercare is thrilled to announce we have expanded our services! We are now offering COLPOSCOPY PROCEDURES ON A SLIDING FEE SCALE, in addition to our current family planning and reproductive health procedures!

Bridgercare accepts new patients, referrals, all insurances, and Medicaid. (Bridgercare does not accept Medicare.) We also offer a sliding fee scale to patients based on their income and family size.  Essential (medically indicated) services, including colposcopy, are provided regardless of ability to pay.

Sweet Tooth Ball 2015 !

Sweet Tooth Ball 2015 will be Friday, February 6th!  Tickets and tables will be available for purchase on our website in the Fall 2014.

Thank you for supporting Sweet Tooth Ball 2014!

Click on the image below to see the 150+ donors to Sweet Tooth Ball this year!  Thank you for your support!  (Click to enlarge.)


Earn up to $40 Helping a Research Project!

Birth Control Project - Indiana UniversityAre you thinking about starting a new birth control method?

Want to earn $40 to participate in a research study about why Montana women use birth control and how it impacts their sexual health?

If you answered YES!  to both of those questions, then you should consider making an appointment at  Bridgercare and ask about how you can join the Birth Control Project!

Are you currently using condoms, a diaphragm or cervical cap, withdrawal/”pulling out”, natural family planning, the copper IUD, or not using any birth control method at all?

If you answered Yes! Then you might be eligible to participate in the Birth Control Project now! Please click on the link below for more information.

Birth Control Project